Accurus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mi Technovation which specializes in manufacturing of Solder Balls.
We strongly focus on R&D and aimed to provide World Class Services and Technical Support to our valued customers.

Presently, we have Manufacturing Facilities in Taiwan and China as well as sales offices in several countries around the globe.




Our Vision & Mission

We always take customer’s feedback as our top priority and strived to provide excellent products with best in-class technology.
We are determined to maintain sustainable development capabilities and create common prosperity for our customers,
our industry and us. In other words, we hope to contribute with our best knowledge and
grow together with the semiconductor advanced packaging industries.







Our Philosophy

We have more than 20 years of experience in the electronics industry. In addition to existing solder products,
we also develop customized equipment used in the area of Product Assembly and Failure Analysis.
Besides, we also continue to improve our solder ball manufacturing processes to increase the productivity and to obtain
better quality products. We aim to provide a comprehensive and competitive product solution for our valued customers.




Our Values

● Technology Driven
● Dedication to R&D
● Customer Oriented
● Quality First

● Committed to Core Business
● Diversified Development
● Shareholder's Benefit
● Employee's Welfare




Our Journey

We had matured over the years and will continue to charter our growth towards providing Hi-Tech solutions
to meet the ever-growing demands of the market to ensure our Customers, Shareholders, Suppliers
and Employees are aligned to our corporate values.


Over the years, we had developed the expertise for solder spheres / balls and solder powder making with high quality and high productivity.
Currently, we are one of the leaders in manufacture of solder spheres / balls for semiconductor advanced packaging industry with customers all over the world.


Our goal is to continue our product development working together with our valued customers
in conjunction with the advancement of the Semiconductor IC packaging and electronic assembly industries.




  • 1998.03 Established in Tainan, Taiwan. Major products: BGA Solder Ball, Solder Bar, Solder Powder and Copper wire for IC Assembly
  • 1999.09 Qualified by ISO 9002 Quality management system.
  • 2003.05 The second phase of plant expansion completed
  • 2007.01 Qualified by ISO/TS 16949 Quality management system
  • 2016.02 Established SEA Regional office in Singapore
  • 2017.06 Established Accurus Scientific (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. in Ningbo, China
  • Join MI Group in 2021