Quality Policy

Quality First, Customer Satisfaction,
Full Involvement, Sustainable Development


1. Apply the quality improvement activities continuously to increase the quality level.
2. Focus on the quality issues and corrective actions which based on custom’s concern.
3. Strengthen the division and integration of management powers and responsibilities and
improve the knowledge of quality for all employees to meet customer requirements.
4. Provide the excellent quality products for customer with the spirit of expertise, innovation and continuous improvement.



Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy and Commitment

In addition to focusing on product development and manufacturing process improvement,
Accurus always pays high attention to protection of environmental and personnel health and safety (EHS).
To fulfill the social responsibilities and keep long-term operation,
Accurus has established a review system for management of environment, safety and health, with continuous improvement and all employees’ participation.

1. To abide by obligations and improve performance of environment and safety:

Comply with relevant domestic and global EHS regulations and requirements, as well as control and reduce the risk of hazards in the factory.
Prevent injury, illness and pollution effectively as well as provide/maintain a legal and safe place for employees.

2. To protect resource and environment, as well as reduce environmental impact:

Corresponding to the issues of sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation,
we commit to continuously improve the working environment and EHS management performance,
promote energy saving in factories, greenhouse gas emission reduction and effective resource reuse management,
as well as reduce impact on the environment.

3. To carry out pollution prevention and prevent disaster risks:

Follow the requirements of pollution prevention of environmental protection laws/regulations,
Accurus keeps working on pollution prevention and control to reduce pollution,
eliminate or reduce possible hazard risks in the workplace and maintain the organization's emergency response capabilities.

4. Implement environmental/safety training and fulfill social responsibilities:

Integrate EHS concept into training for employees to enhance the recognition of importance of EHS protection to promote zero-disaster
and sustainable environmental development together to realize sustainable corporate operation and fulfill social responsibilities.

5. Promote participation, consultation, communication and interaction:

Encourage the employees to participate the management policies, establish consultation and communication channels,
and continuous interact with employees, suppliers, contractors, neighborhood resident and stakeholder groups to convey EHS information.





1 Green product Policy

To maintain sustainable development, reduce the damage of ecological system, and maintain human’s health and safe environment,
Accurus Scientific brings its system in line with related international environment law and all kinds of products
to meet all related standards (ex:Europe RoHS, WWW, REACH...etc).
Furthermore, we also request supplier to prohibit or limit the usage of the harmful chemical substances and comply with global standard on environment protection.

Accurus Scientific promises to comply with international environment law, with customer and supplier as the main goal and
share the responsibility of protecting the environment. Our environment control goal meets environment law
and combines with international trend. Our final prospect is Green business and Green production.

2 Green process (lead-free)

As the limited chemical substances for Europe RoHS, most tin/lead solder which has been prohibited use. It must replace the lead with other metal element.
it has a lot of changes in physical property and it also affect the process for electrical product.
Solder is not only used in PCB but also in all electrical component. Accurus Scientific has set up different production line
for lead and lead-free product, all lead-free products have met Europe RoHS standard from 2003.06.01.



Guarantees of Non-use Conflict Metals


Conflict metals are metals such as gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), tin (Sn), Cobalt (Co) and  Mica (Mica) derived from minerals being sourced from mines in
Democratic Republic of Congo (hereinafter “DRC”) in conflict areas which are controlled by non-government military groups, or unlawful military factions.
Illegal mining profits by local military groups in the eastern DRC are contributing to human rights abuses, environmental degradation, and theft from the country’s citizens.

ACCURUS promises to comply with the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct and only source materials from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers and
assure that metals used in items supplied to customer are not sourced from mines in conflict areas.