Accurus Scientific Co. Ltd.

Our History

Accurus was established in 1998 at Tainan. Our factory is within walking distance (about 5 mins) from the Baoan Railway Station
and 5 minutes drive to the 86 Expressway. Tainan HSR Station is just 15 mins away by car. Hence, it is easy to access and absolutely convenient.

After more than 20 years of efforts, we have recruited a group of professionals, including metal processing, material science,
automation control, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, programming... etc. Therefore, we can support our customers in equipment design,
assembly, process improvement, software development and most importantly metallurgical development.



Our Solutions

Solder Balls, Hot-melt Four-Axis Dispensing Systems


Our solutions for Advance packaging such as WLP, WLCSP, FOWLP, BGA , Flip-Chip BGA as well as Wafer Bumping Process



Our Location

Accurus Scientific Co. Ltd.
No.508-51, Section 1,
Wen-Sien Road, Rende District,
Tainan City 717015,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-6-3661288
Fax: +886-6-2660474